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These days most of the telecom service providers worldwide shifting to SIP trunk from ISDN PRI lines because of maintaining copper network in comparison of fibre where as client are using existing PBX which might not have SIP connectivity. Our PRI to SIP gateway is most reliable make in India Gateway to convert your PRI lines trunk to SIP trunk; it has most advance features as optional features like IVRS & recording of calls.

E1/T1 Gateway in India

E1/T1 Gateway Recording Appliances is designed to record on PRI lines. Our E1/T1 Gateway Appliances has flexibility to record from a variety of lines. E1/T1 Gateway Appliances brings the amazing facility to record & live monitoring of all inbound & outbound Calls.

Our E1/T1 Gateway available with these models as MG30-Single PRI, MG60-Two PRI, MG120-Four PRI for Call Center & all business use.

SIP to E1/T1 Gateway allows resuming and pausing of live calls recording with Lan/network Interface. Our E1/T1 Gateway can easily interface with Lan/Network Interface. T1, E1, PRI, ISDN are common recording interface for connecting trunk lines to old and modern PBX.

  • Voice Recording of All Calls (Optional)
  • User-friendly Browser/Desktop based User Interface
  • Multi-login Facility with Administrative & User Rights
  • Advanced Search & Play Options
  • Voice Compression
  • Client information Pop-up for Incoming Calls (optional)
  • Data Backup, Restore and Export (Optional)

MG30-Single Port E1/T1 Gateway

Aria Telecom is one of the leading MG30-Single Port E1/T1 Gateway organisation in India with more than 5000 satisfied clients all across the world. Aria MG30-Single Port E1/T1 Gateway has played and plugs connectivity. Our MG30-Single Port E1/T1 Gateway in India is a best recording solution in telecom sector with affordable cost. Aria is MG30 –Single E1/T1 Gateway is a perfect recording device for all call centers, KPO, BPO etc.

MG60-Two Port E1/T1 Gateway Providers in India

Aria Telecom is a most affordable MG60-Two Port E1/T1 Gateway Providers in India. Depending on your client requirements, we provide SIP to E1/T1 Gateway in multiple ports. Our MG60-Two Port E1/T1 Gateway is a legacy technology that works in traditional telephony systems.

Our MG60-Two Port E1/T1 Gateway Appliances is user friendly and easy to handle.

We have successfully delivered big government clients like Discoms, Police Dial 100, Ambulance Help Line , HIV Help lines etc. Our major clients are Airtel , Jindal and many more.

MG120-Four Port E1/T1 Gateway manufacturers & suppliers in India

Aria Parth is best MG120-Four Port E1/T1 Gateway suppliers in India for Call Center. MG120-Four Port E1/T1 Gateway can usage for small Call Center, medium call center& big BPO KPO. MG120-Four Port E1/T1 Gateway is suitable for startups and large enterprise.

We are reputed manufacturing firm for MG120-Four Port E1/T1 Gateway manufacturers & suppliers in India.

Aria SIP to PRI Gateway


  • Support ISDN Protocol
  • GSM Compression
  • MP3 Compression
  • 256 GB SSD
  • Dual High Speed Ethernet Port
  • Support standard FAX T.30 (Optional)
  • Conversation Recording (Optional)
  • Easy Installation -Plug & play
  • Live Monitoring
  • Call Detail Records
  • Work on local as well as Static IP
  • Easy to use UI
  • Support all EPABX & Service provider
  • Make in INDIA
  • Support VPN
  • Signalling: - PRI/R2/SS7, Support up to 24 Countries Standard R2 Signalling, Support New
  • R2 variant, Simple and convenient configuration via Web GUI, Codes support: G. 711A,
  • G.711U, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, GSM
  • Support Protocols: SIP, IAX, TCP, UDP, RTP, SSH,HTTP, HTTPS.
  • Available in 1/2/4 port T1/E1, up to 120 Energy Eciency concurrent processing
  • Signalling :- PRI/R2/SS7
  • Support upto 24 Countries Standard R2 Signalling
  • Support New R2 variant
  • Simple and convenient configuration via Web GUI
  • Codes support: G. 711A, G.711U, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722,GSM
  • Support Protocols: SIP, IAX, TCP, UDP, RTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Support NTP ime synchronization and Client ime synchronization
  • Support call statistics Support auto Provision
  • Support channel status show dynamically
  • Support backup/upload configuration file
  • Multiple detailed log output
  • Automatically Reboot
  • Support recording of calls ( Optional)
  • Support IVRS (Optional)
  • Cost Ecient
  • User-Friendly Setup
  • Quickg Scalability
  • Broad Codec Support
  • Robust Protocols and Features
  • Transparency
  • Easy support
  • Secondary Development Flexibility
  • MG30-Single PRI SIP to PRI Gateway
  • MG60-TwoPRI SIP to PRI Gateway
  • MG120-FourPRI SIP to PRI Gateway

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