Call Center Solution for Fashion Industr

by Sachin Kaushik,on Wed Jun 12,2019

The fashion industry is unique from other fields of manufacturing in that it is ruled largely by the same intention as its end product. What defines the fashion industry is largely based on the function of individuals who comprise it- designers, stores, factory workers, seamstresses, tailors, technically skilled embroiderers, the press, publicists, salespersons, fit models, runway models, couture models, textile manufacturers, pattern makers, and sketch artists. In simplest terms, the fashion industry could be described as the business of making clothes, but that would omit the important distinction between fashion and apparel. Apparel is functional clothing, one of humanity's basic needs, but fashion incorporates its own prejudices of style, individual taste, and cultural evolution.

The Indian Fashion sector has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the last few years and is expected to grow further in the coming years. Therefore it is imperative that fashion companies adopt the best lead generation techniques & ensure that all leads are captured properly into the system and followed up diligently for high conversion ratio. Aria has the right solution for the fashion industry, its popular Call Center Solutions for the fashion Industry, an efficient and effective tool for lead management especially tailored for the fashion vertical.
Call Center software is a product that helps you handle your business phone conversations. Your phone teams can use your preferred call Centre software to make outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key call Centre metrics, perform workforce management, and load automated scripts for your phone team. Call Centre agents are your phone team members who use your call Centre software to engage with customers or prospects.
Benefits :
Making hundreds of calls effortlessly - Calling hundreds of numbers from your smartphone would be a pain in… You know. Proper call Center software will allow you to make such amount of calls with one single click.
Recording calls - You’ll never forget about the call, no matter how long ago had it taken place. Also, you grant yourself/your employees with a perfect training ground. Rewinding previous successful calls will help you find what makes them hit.
Live-listening to calls - Being able to perform a live-check of the quality of calls your company provides is a crucial feature. Also, it gives you the ability to be present in each and every call without “being present”!
Automating your work - The best call Centre software will include solutions that will allow you to integrate it with 3rd party apps to make the work easier for you. Do not paste, copy or send data. Let the software do it for you.
Being able to analyze your call campaigns - It is hard to measure the effectiveness of your calls using pen and paper. Call Centre software will allow you to analyze all of the important KPIs making it easier for you to optimize your call campaign the way you achieve the pre-planned goal.
Enhanced customer service:  The fundamental use of call Centre software is to handle customer queries in an effective and efficient way. This is one of the biggest benefits of incorporating the best call Centre software in your environment. By doing so, you can not only achieve better customer experience but will also attain boost in your business.
•         Data backup: Apart from data theft, there are other scenarios that can also result in loss of data, which can cause inconvenience and will bring a pause in daily business activities. Thus, all the software provides the user with an option to take data backup of all the important customer information and other activities.
•         Disaster recovery: Other than data backup, call Centre software supports the high-availability feature that allows real-time synchronization of data between servers. This helps in reducing chances of loss of data.


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