We manufacture the 1 Port Voice logger for one-line recording.1 Port Voice logger is a call recording solution for analog and digital lines. Aria Telecom manufacturer AR 5201 - 1 Port Voice logger in single port. This is ready to use Telephone recorder with SD card & inbuilt speaker & display.

1 Port Voice Logger Manufacturer in India

We are leading manufacturer of 1 port voice logger with all features. Voice logger improve quality control of business.With our 1 Port voice logger solution, managers and owners can monitor the daily interaction between employees and customer. We are 1 Port Voice Logger Manufacturer in India which is easy to use and install.

1- Single Port Voice Logger supplier in India

We are Single Port Voice logger supplier in India with secure based recording. Our single port voice logger is user friendly. We supply single port voice logger in India with standalone features. Our single Port Voice logger is an automatic and Manual Telephone recording Device. Aria Telecom is aSingle Port Voice Logger supplier in India which provides real time monitoring and back up recordings.

Voice Logger with SD Card

We Provide Voice logger with SD Card where SD cards slot for recording. 4G SD card to record 130 hours. The call recording data are stored by Voice loggers with SD card. We provide the Voice logger with Sd card to record telephone conversation.

1 port Voice Logger

Single Port Voice Logger System

AR-5201 Telephone Recording Instrument With Answering Machine

One of the Best Embedded Telephone Recording with Answering Machine

  • 01 Line Recording
  • Standalone Device
  • No Computer Required
  • Easy Installation -Plug & Play
  • Answering Machine with personalized greeting (Voice Mail Box)
  • SD Card slot for recording
  • Inbuilt search & play with display
  • Inbuilt speaker to play voice files
  • Record with incoming & outgoing number
  • CLI support in FSK & DTMF both
  • 4G SD card to record 130 hours.
  • Real-time monitor, Manage and back up recordings.
  • Automatic & Manual Telephone Recording.
  • Inbuilt MIC for Conference Recording
  • Manual Recording Conference/ Home Memo via MIC input.
  • Answering Message function: After 3-12 times ring
  • Allow user to access remotely access for new message retrieve.)
  • Recording includes the complete CDR (call data record) info like voice recording, start time and date, call in/out numbers.
  • Record call conversation, Call Type, Date, Time, Incoming / Outgoing No., Call duration, recording duration and so on.
  • Real-time monitor, Manage and back up recordings
  • 4G SD Card to record 130 hours Telephone Conversation.

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