Aria Namaste Live Chat in Chandigarh University

Key Issue:

However you see in your surroundings, everyone is require an online support/enquiry rather than on telephone. So they decided to explore their skills by adding Online Live chat support for students & others. From this year they are using Live Chat for admissions, enquiries, Career etc.

The Comprehensive Solution:

We have provided an Aria Namaste Live Chat. We provided a code to client whom they have placed on their website and are using Live Chat for customer and internal staff communication.

They have been provided with three live chat applications:

  • Admin Panel
  • Executive Panel
  • Customer Panel

Customer panel: As student visit on website, he will click on chat icon, he need to fill some basic details and will connect with College executive and can ask his queries related to admission, career or any kind of education support etc. customer can email whole chat with executive on his email id for future reference.

Executive Panel: Executive can handle 5 chat at a time. He can share any prospectus, files or brochure with customer in live conversation. He can invite to website visitor. At the end of chat, executive need to input remarks & disposition of regarding particular chat.

Admin Panel: we have given admin panel for live monitoring, MIS reports, create/delete user etc.


The live chat provided to them had benefited the organization with following parameters:

  • Time efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Increase sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage

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