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Bigger residential campuses or institutional campuses require a high connectivity communication way to maintain security and service level. In such campuses, wired connectivity will be expensive and hassle-prone too. To solve the wiring issues of old type communication system, Aria has bought unique IP based intercom system solution which requires no cabling or no huge box installation. It is built over SIP technology which requires no extra wiring or cabling for installation. This can be installed over the existing internet cables to connect with different devices across the campus area. In this way, it becomes more cost effective and hassle free to install and to use. It offers high level communication facility for internal management and also shows good signal activity.

The Aria IP based intercom system employs high-quality voice output to the intercom stations connected to the IP intercom exchange or Multi-Interface Unit. It simply connecting the remote microphone to a LAN or WAN network. The IP based intercom system features a full range of remote microphone operating capability and is equipped with a range of function keys. Functions can be assigned individually to these keys. The number of function keys works to give a flawless communication to you. Power supply to the microphone using a PoE-compatible switching hub, eliminates the need of optional AC adapter.



Exclusive Features of Aria institutional campus

  • Zero distance Signal lose problem
  • Use Fiber connection to connect long distance buildings
  • Requires data (LAN) cable for voice communication as well
  • Offers excellent Digital Communication with no disturbance
  • IVR based Survey on important task , election etc
  • IVRS for Complaint management system for internal maintenance
  • IVRS voice blasting for important campus messages such as meeting or fire incident etc.
  • Special advertisement/update voice message on hold & dial tone
  • Distribution of complaints to designated technician / managers through SMS & Email
  • Complaint ticket generation by IVR along with key to close complaint
  • Complaint closer & escalation system

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