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IVR Appliance

IVR Appliance manufacturers support OBD IVR, PRI trunk, GSM, SIP/VoIP trunk, maximumscall per day. We manufacture error free IVR Appliance. We also manufacture IVR appliance on cloud and on -premises. Our IVR Appliance supports analog and digital line. IVR Appliance can be easy integration with any type of database. IVR supports multi-language.

IVR Appliance manufacturers in India

We are trusted manufactures of IVR Appliance in India. We also IVR appliance manufactures with customized call flow in India according to business enterprise, domain and their specific requirements and our customized IVR solutions will help in self customer service and supporting as well and best for inbound process like customer support. Our manufactured IVR appliance is easy to customize and user friendly. We Manufacture IVR appliance in India which help business in making more efficient the call process and provide related information to customers without need of representative.

IVR Software Suite Appliance

IVR software suite Appliance are most suitable appliance for all IVRS requirements whether it is small or big. IVRS software suite can be integrated with client CRM/ ERP /Database with API. IVR suite appliance can also serve as outbound IVR /call blasting application, which is very much in use for various alerts, election campaign, reminders, government program awareness, productinformation, Electronic voting /survey etc.

IVR Suite for small Business

Aria Telecom is leading manufacturer of IVR Appliance for small business. IVR Suite has all the capability to perform all functions. IVR suite for small business is cost effective & Time saving. Our IVR suite increase productivity of small business.. IVR suite is cost- effective so small business can easily afford it. IVR suite is scalable and support small business platform.

IVR Appliance

Interactive Voice Response System

  • Support SS7, ISDN PRI, Analog Line, GSM & SIP Trunk
  • Can design your own call flow
  • Can connect call to agent on local extensions or on mobile as per client requirement
  • Call flow can be dynamic & can fetch data from client data base or CRM/ERP
  • Parth IVRS can be integrated with client existing EPABX before or after EPABX.
  • SMS/ Email can be further integrated for update & alerts
  • Can be used for banking, insurance, auto complaint booking, automated help line etc. applications
  • Keep your own data base secured in your premises
  • Embedded solution
  • Easy to customize

    Dynamic Call Flow Parth has advanced user interface to make your own call flow for your process.

    Data Base Integration

    SMS, Email & FAX Integration Parth IVRS support API integration for SMS, Email, fax etc.

    ACD Parth IVRS has inbuilt automatic call distribution system with call queue management. It has various call distribution mechanism like UCD, Skill based Ring all etc.

    OBD IVR (Voice Message Blasting) Outbound IVR is very popular these days for quick & effective alerts & information spreading. Parth UCS can send bulk voice message to users for any important event like any public meeting, fire incident, emergency, any social activity etc. It is very useful for election campaign, payment reminders, service reminder, birthday anniversary greetings, transaction alerts OTP sending.

  • Support OBD IVR on
  • GSM
  • SIP/VOIP Trunk
  • 1-500 Ports
  • 500 to 2.5 Lakh calls per day
  • Insurance Reminder with due date & amount
  • EMI Reminder with amount & data
  • Various Bill reminders
  • OTP
  • Electronic Survey
  • Election Campaign
  • Personalize greetings & invitation
  • General awareness campaign
  • Telemarketing & product promotion
  • Less Manpower required
  • Increase productivity
  • Calls are being answered in the first attempt
  • Error free
  • Cost effective
  • Increase Brand Image
  • Can speak with available operator
  • Time saving

Model: Static & Dynamic IVR

Parth can send simple voice message as well as dynamic IVR message, Can take input from data base & play specific voice message to particular number. Also, can take input to generate further report

Model: Cloud Based IVRS

We also offer service on cloud dedicated & on share resources

It is an interactive voice response system. It is a technology that allows computer to interact with humans through voice and DTMF inputs and provide responses in the form of voice, email, call back and other. IVR is especially important when call volumes are high.
It is an asterisk based solution &works on OS Centos 6.8. Along with the OS we need to install the compatible software packages & drivers to make run IVRS successfully.
Yes, its supports both the lines for the digital line need a Voice board/PRI card supported to E1/T1 connections. For analog lines need an FXS gateway, it is available port wise 2, 4,8,16 & so on.
The recommended sampling rate for wave files is 8 KHz, 16 bit, mono.
It includes Sangoma, Digium, Caudalfin, Synway, Dinstar etc.
Yes Database access in possible via DB plugin which supports ODBC connections.
We provide the User interface with the facility of login credentials. There will be separate section of MIS to get detailed information by applying multi searching filters with Caller Number, caller connect time, disconnect time, call duration & Inputs punched by the caller etc.
It’s a window based application and need a window PC to be hosted.
We have a team of Technical Support Engineers to contact them you can call on 0120-4763963 or write us on support@ariasolutions.net. They will help you for the minor problems remotely or if any major issues exist that will be sorted out by aligning physical visit as well. Our Business hours are 09:30am to 06:30pm Monday-Saturday.

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