Wireless IP PBX System

Wireless IP PBX System are serving businesses, government from small offices to international enterprises. Wireless IP PBX system is a business telephony system designed to deliver voice or video over a network.Wireless IP PBX is to facilitate communication within the office environment, enabling employees to be as productive with a wireless handset as they would if they were sitting at their desk.

Wireless IP PBX System Manufacturer in India

Aria Telecom manufacturer wireless IP PBX System Solution for inhouse & cloud solution. We manufacturer wireless IP PBX system in India which is especially appropriate in areas such as education and healthcare or any operation with multiple buildings in a campus environment. Our Wireless IP PBX system can be easily expanded -portable telephones and base stations added as needed.

Wireless WIFI IP PBX System

Wireless WIFI IP PBX System typically a wireless switch connects directly to an existing PBX, key telephone system converting an office into an intracompany system. Wireless WIFI IP PBX system is a growing need for wireless technology to help businesses stay in touch with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Wireless IP PBX on GSM Network

Wireless IP PBX can work on WIFI, local Network &through GSM network on remote. Wireless IP PBX provides a cost saving solution on their telecommunication data needs. Wireless IP PBX can be easily combined to work like a virtual single office through GSM Network. Wireless IP PBX on GSM network is easy to deploy.

Save cost for Daily communication using our wireless IP PBX system.

  • Plug & play
  • No Complex Installation
  • Suitable for SME & Housing intercom system
  • Your mobile became your extension
  • Connect up to 2 Mobile, System will ring 1st mobile & after 4 ring on other mobile
  • You are contactable on intercom , where you are
  • Flexible Numbering as per flat number. Guards & maintenance staff do not need to remember mobile number of each flat occupants
  • Easy to change / add mobile number against flat number
  • Conversation Recording (Optional)

IVR Broad Casting Module

  • Broad cast standard voice message to group of users or all users like meeting reminder, festival wishes ,emergency alerts, maintenance shutdown alerts
  • Payment / Low balance reminder to specific unit


  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -25°C to +65°C

Power Dissipation:

  • AC Power input: ≤ 12W

Complaint Management IVR

  • Automatic Complaint generation
  • Complaint alert to technician
  • Complaint Closer
  • Escalation alert
  • MIS Reporting
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Integration

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