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Wireless Virtual Intercom system is designed specially to integrate seamlessly into flexible, dynamic world of virtual IT environment.Wireless Virtual Intercom system is web-based and requires no wiring or expensive installations.Wireless Virtual Intercom system are always handy and super convenient. Wireless Virtual Intercom system provides advance security .

Virtual Intercom system suppliers in India

we are leading the Best virtual intercom system, virtual intercom software supplier. we also provide the wired and wireless virtual intercom for housing societies, home virtual intercom system we invented unique solution for housing societies, commercial towers etc. Get immediate & easy communication for your housing Society, Commercial Market etc.


With VIRTUAL INTERCOM FOR HOUSING SOCIETIES no matter where you are, you can receive a push notification letting you know who’s at door.If there’s no one home or if there are children home alone or elderly parents who shouldn’t have to be inconvenienced, you’d best have a virtual intercom for HOUSING SOCIETIES set-up so that you can send away any unnecessary or unwanted visitors without bothering anyone, even when you’re in the office, in commute or out of town. A new HOUSING SOCIETIES can use virtual intercom to remain cost-effective.

Intercom system for society

Intercom system for society provides great benefits at low investments and operating cost.Intercom system are available both wired and wireless configurations. Our Intercom system for society is available with perfect intelligibility and audio features. Intercom system provides advance secure communication platform to society.Intercom system forsocietyalso has provision to broadcast voice messages like fire incident, emergency, any social meeting to all the members or residents of society.

  • Flexible Numbering Plan
  • No need of hardware and software
  • No cabling required
  • No capex required
  • No internet required
  • Work on existing GSM network/phones
  • Dialing through Android app
  • Call history on android app
  • Quick setup
  • You are contactable on intercom ,where you are Flexible Numbering as per flat number. Guards & maintenance staff do not need to remember mobile number of
  • Available on monthly subscription
  • Cost effective
  • No physical installation required
  • Suitable for SME & Housing intercom system
  • Your mobile became your extension
  • Connect up to 2 Mobile, System will ring 1 st mobile & after 4 ring on other mobile
  • each flat occupants
  • Easy to change / add mobile number against flat number
  • Conversation Recording (Optional)

IVR Broad Casting Module

  • Broad cast standard voice message to group of users or all users like meeting reminder, festival wishes ,emergency alerts, maintenance shutdown alerts
  • Payment / Low balance reminderto specific unit
  • Automatic Complaint generation
  • Complaint alert to technician
  • Complaint Closer
  • Escalation alert
  • MSS Reporting
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Integration

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