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IP PBX System | PARTH 800

An IP PBX system provides solution for all your communication needs with option to connect TDM & VoIP. Our Parth IP PBX system is a unified communication system most suitable for communication need of small and medium enterprises.Parth 800 is most suitable IP PBX System for small business & MSME segment. It has inbuilt SIP trunk & SIP extensions with call recording, IVRS,ACD etc.

IP PBX System Manufacturer in India

We are leading IP PBX system manufacturer in India, which is compatible with other IP PBX equipment, combination with IP PBX to realize the cross-region telephone network. Our Parth 800 IP PBX system is an advanced communication system which improve communication efficiency. We manufacture IP PBX system supports calls, video calls, callwaiting, voice message etc.

IP PBX System supplier in India

We are IP PBX system supplier in India with advanced functionality and features. We supply the IP PBX system which supports the remote registration of VoIP extension through the internet to realize the remote office needs of users. Our IP PBX system can easily integrate with SMS/ Email, existingCRM, ERP /Database.

IP PBX System at best price

IP PBX system has all important features like call hold, transfer, conference, ACD, IVRS, voice mail etc. along basic communication features. We offer IP PBX system at best price with just a simple switch. Our IP PBX system is a catch – all term that describes the process of merging all the technologies and integrating with business processes. IP PBX system increase efficiency of communication on low budget.

Get PARTH 800 IP PBX system on Best prices by Aria Telecom.

PARTH 800 have many advanced communication function and help improve communication efficiency

  • Record and keep important call information.
  • Auto attendant desk,IVR
  • What’s more support 3-way calling, video calls, call waiting, voice message etc. Parth 800 have a lot of function, can solve different industries need.
  • Support the remote registration of VOIP extension through the Internet to realize the remote office needs of users
  • Be compatible with other IPPBX equipment, combination with IPPBX 800 to realize the cross-region telephone network.
  • Can work with traditional PBX to provide extension, FXO extension.
  • Product model IP PBX 800
  • Network interface 1WAN 3LAN RJ45 interface,Rate 10/100/1000mbps
  • FXS interface 12*RJ11 interface
  • FXO interface 4*RJ11 interface
  • Console 1 *RJ45,115200bps
  • USB 1*USB2.0 Full speed
  • Power supply 100VAC~240VAC; 50/60Hz
  • Case 1U metal material
  • Max power 25W
  • mm Dimension 430*180*44 mm
  • Weight ≤2.5KG
  • Work environment requirements Temperature -5°C-55°C Environmental relative humidity ≦95% Performance doesn’t decrease within 3000m above sea level The level of the fine article in the air is less than 180mg/m3
  • Wan IP access Static IP,DHCP Client,PPPoE,Wan subinterface
  • Signal NGN SIP,IMS SIP
  • Voice Codec G.711a/u、G.729a、iLBC、G.726、G.723、GSM、AMR
  • Number Analysis Outbound route,CNIS,DNIS,number transfer,Dial rule,Route backup
  • Basic call affair Basic call affair: extension calls each other: The terminal can be analog phone,IP phone,SIP softphone IMS/NGN call: SIP relay communicates with IMS/NGN or IPPBX
  • VOIP Service Jitter Buffer,VAD,Echo cancellation,CNG
  • DTMF RFC2833, SIP info and inband
  • Fax T.30 by pass,T.38
  • video SIP-based point-to-point video call
  • Network Function Static route,NAT,Port mapping,DNS,NTP,DHCP,Firewall
  • Account management Role permission management
  • Local management Web interface configuration, version upgrade/return, data backup and recovery, license management
  • Remote management SNMP V2/V3、TR069
  • Log management Operation log, operation log, user log, security log
  • Alarm management Activity alarm, historical alarm query

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